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Classic Tour of Albania

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Classic Tour of Albania 8 Days

A wondrous journey through Albania’s culture and History.

Day 1:
Arrival in Tirana area. Meet & Greet with our guide. Transfer to Tirana, hotel check in. Lunch. After lunch Walking city tour of Tirana. Visit of Heqem Bey mosque, Skanderbeg square, Heroes Boulevard, Communism era elite district and Orthodox church. Dinner and accommodation in Tirana.

Day 2:
After breakfast we'll take a trip to Historic City of Shkodra. During this trip you'll visit the magnificent castle of Rosafa and museum inside it, with a beautiful mythological back story. From the walls of the castle there's a gorgeous view of the river and valley below! Following will be Shkodra city tour where you'll have a chance to visit the old district, famous Marubi Photo Museum and handmade world famous Shkodra's mask factory. Dinner and accommodation in Tirana.

Day 3:
Visit of Kruja and City tour of Tirana. Kruja was the epicenter of Albania during 15th century, at which time under the leadership of "Skanderbeg" defeated the Ottoman Empire while protecting western Europe borders and Albania for 20 consecutive years. We will visit the castle and Skanderbeg museum followed by a visit at the Kruja Ethnographic house which displays the way indigenous people lived during Ottoman era. After a morning of adventure, willow a mellow afternoon visiting Durresi beach and amphitheater. Dinner and accommodation in Tirana.

Day 4:
After a warm breakfast we will start our trip for Berat City (City of One Thousand windows). Berat is a world heritage town. We will visit the old district of Mangalemi with typical ottoman era houses, Castle of Berat with an intriguing mythological back story, famous Onufri museum ( named after Albanian icon painter and prist 16th century), and old orthodox churches. Dinner and accommodation in Berat.

Day 5:
Explore the Monastery of Ardenica, Apollonia archaeological park and Vlora City. Get a great experience wondering inside the monastery and talk to the monks about the history and actuality of the church. Exploring Apollonia archaeological park with take you back to 558BC with its dynamic history supported by many 

authentic relics inside the museum. A trip to Vlora City is fun and wondrous.  The start of Ionian sea with its deep blue water surrounded by magnificent landscape. Dinner and accommodation in Vlora.

Day 6:
Starting the day with a mix of salty and fresh air will drive through Albanian Riviera (Number 4 from top 10 destinations for Mediterranean region during 2014. New York Times) . Albanian Riviera is famous amongst bikers and adrenaline drivers with many curved roads sneaking along the shore line. The trip will follow with visits in Llogara path (spectacular view) a visit of Porto Palermo Fort, built for the young wife of Ali Pash Tepelena (infamous ruler of 18th century) surrounded by beep blue waters. After lunch visit of Butrinti archaeological park, - another wondrous destination (world heritage park) with many layers of history dating back to 400BC. Dinner and accommodation in Saranda.

Day 7:
This day explore the city of Gjirokastra old district (World Heritage Site) Gjirokastra is well preserved Byzantine era town. Its castle has a mix of dark and glorious history! A visit of the army museum, and replica birth house of ex-dictator Enver Hoxha. In the afternoon a trip back to Tirana with sightseeing of countryside. Dinner and accommodation in Tirana. (Traditional festive dinner optional)

Day 8:

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Proposed visits and accommodation:

  • 4 nights HB accommodation in middle class hotel in Tirana
  • 1 night HB accommodation in middle class hotel in Vlora
  • 1 night HB accommodation in middle class hotel in Saranda
  • 1 night HB accommodation in middle class hotel in Berat
  • Entrance to Rasafa Castle and museum
  • Entrance to Marubi museum of photography
  • Entrance to mask factory
  • Entrance to Kruja Castle
  • Entrance to Skanderbeg museum
  • Entrance to Ehtnographic house of Kruja
  • Entrance to Berat Castle
  • Entrance to Onufri museeum
  • Entrance to Apollonia Archaeological Park and museum
  • Entrance to museum House of Independence
  • Entrance to Porto Palermo fort
  • Entrance to Butrinti Archaeological park and museum
  • Entrance to Gjirokastra castle & museum
  • Entrance to replica birth house of communist dicator Enver Hoxha

Not Included

Tour enhansments:

  • Happy Hour each evening .5 euro
  • Albanian Festive dinner 28 euro 1/pax
  • Cable car ticket to Dajti Park above Tirana 7euro/1pax
  • National Museum of Hisotry 3 euro/1pax
  • Trip to Bunkart (Nuclear bunker during communism) 7 euro/1pax


Transfer with airconditioned coach