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Culture and Fun Tour

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Culture and Fun Tour

Guaranteed departures any time of the year

Places to visit: Tirana (Capital of Albania), Durres, Saranda (major beachfront cities), - Shkodra, Kruja, Berat, Gjirakastra, (Historic World Heritage Cities), - Lalzi Beach, Ksamil Beach, Butrinti Archaeological park, 


Day 1: Arrival in Tirana area. Welcome drink and dinner at the hotel.

Day 2: City tour of Tirana. Get to know the capital of Albania, and the dynamic live style of post communism era. Visit of Skanderbeg square, Heqem Bey mosques, National Heroes Boulevard, Mother Teresa square, communism era elite district, and Orthodox cathedral. Spend a relaxing afternoon on Durres beach, the largest beach and port town in Albania.

Day 3: Visit of Shkodra, historic town. Starting the day with a visit of Rozafa castle and museum. Located on top of a hill, from the castle there’s a gorgeous view of the valley below. Rozafa castle has one of the saddest stories of Albanian mythology!. After the castle visit, a nice trip to Shengjin beach, where relaxation and fun are all part of the day. Evening meal at the hotel.

Day 4: A trip to Kruja historic town. Kruja was the epicenter of Albania during 15th century, during which time Albanian and international hero Skanderbeg protected the Balkans and beyond for 20 consecutive years from invading armies of Ottoman empire. In Kruja we will visit the castle, National museum of Skanderbeg and Ethnographic house which displays the folk tradition of the region. The afternoon will follow with a soothing trip to Lalzi Golf beach, one fo the most beautiful sand beaches in Adriatic sea. Dinner and back at the hotel.

Day 5: Early morning start will take you for a drive through the heart of Albania’s farmlands on to historic town of Berat. Berat is called the city of one thousand windows because the way windows of homes appear from the valley below. A stroll through the old district of Mangalemi (world heritage site) will take you to Berat Ethnographic house depicting indigenous life style during medieval and renaissance era, followed by a visit of the castle and Onufri museum. After a lunch at a traditional restaurant the trip will continue through Albania heartland on to historic town of Gjirokastra. Dinner and accommodation in Gjirokatra.

Day 6: A relaxing afternoon on Ksamil beach after a trip to Saranda city and Butrinti archaeological park will make for a day full of fun activities. A visit to Butriniti Park will take you through the steps of how this southern region of Albania evolved from, Byzantine empire to Ottoman empire and modern history. Ksamil is part of the Ionian sea with beep blue waters and pebbly beaches. Dinner at hotel in Gjirokastra.

Day 7:  A short walk through a traditional bazaar inside the old neighborhood of Gjirokatra (world heritage site) a sneaking road towards the hill will take you the castle. Gjirokatra castle has mixed story of darkness and glory! Inside the castle are the museum of Army, Folk festival arena, and historic museum with relics from Byzantine to medieval times. Continuing a short walk through the stone streets will take you to a replica birth house of ex-dictator of Albania “Enver Hoxha. In the afternoon the trip back to Tirana will follow by a relaxing evening with drinks and meal at the hotel. (Festive Albanian evening – optional)

Day 8:  Departure

Recommended if time permits, - a trip with a cable car to Dajti park, (Tirana’s Balcony) 

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  • 5 nights HB accommodation in middle class hotel in Tirana
  • 2 nights HB accommodation in middle class hotel in Gjirokastra
  • Entrance to Rasafa Castle and museum
  • Entrance to Kruja Castle
  • Entrance to Skanderbeg museum
  • Entrance to Ehtnographic house of Kruja
  • Entrance to Berat Castle
  • Entrance to Onufri museeum
  • Entrance to Butrinti Archaeological park and museum
  • Entrance to Gjirokastra castle & museum
  • Entrance to replica birth house of communist dicator Enver Hoxha

Not Included

  • Happy Hour each evening .5.5 euro
  • Albanian Festive dinner 28 euro
  • Cable car ticket to Dajti Park above Tirana 7euro
  • National Museum of Hisotry 3 euro
  • Trip to Bunkart (Nuclear bunker during communism) 4 euro


Transfer by airconditioned coach.