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Private Day Tour to Divjaka Beach & Karavasta Lagoon

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Private daily tours from Tirana to Divjaka Beach & Karavasta Lagoon

Getting to know Divjaka:

Divjakë-Karavasta National Park covers a vast territory of 222.3 square kilometres containing remarkable features such as wetlands, salt marshes, coastal meadows, floodplains, woodlands, reed beds, forests and estuaries. The park has been identified as an important Bird and Plant Area of international importance. Among the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, The wealth of fauna is reflected in the list of many species and subspecies recorded to date, with more than 240 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 29 species of reptiles and 29 species of amphibia identified as permanent residents.

Typical Tour Itinerary.

Relax for a few hours on the beach in the morning.

Divjaka Beach: Several kilometers long sandy beach, with shallow waters. Ideal for families with young children, where shallow waters make for a safe environment for children to play. During summer season the beach is full of services, bars, restaurants, sunbeds with umbrellas for a fee, and areas where you can sunbathe for free with your own umbrella. The sand has many curative qualities, because of high percentages of iodine and sea-salt.

Visit 360-degree view tower:

The tower goes high just above the tree-line unveiling a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea, Pine forest, Karavasta lagoon and the hills that stretch far out in to Albanian Alps.

Visit Visitor Center Divjakë:

The visitor center is staged in museum format, with an easy flow of information about the Park, Divjaka and tourist attractions. Standing out are several mummified species of birds and mammals. In a designated corner there’s a 3D map of the area, showing locations of Byzantine era churches and old Illyrian settlements.

Take a Boat Ride inside Karavasta lagoon:

At the forest entry, there is a miniport of small motorboats that will take you on a 30 – 40 minutes ride to a watch tower located on a small sandy island with a perfect view of the Dalmatian Pelicans nesting island. It’s a ride through the water canals with beautiful scenery of the forest and the lagoon. A great opportunity to watch many birds that like to hang out around the lagoon, like flamingos’ gulls and much more.

For thos who like activity can visit the Hiking Trails:

There are several hiking trails in Divjaka Forest. Hiking is on flat surface mostly in trails inside the forest. Depending on your physical ability you can choose from: DIVJAKA Southern forest– Vahu Canal – Dunes and Divjaka beach – center of the park 4.53 miles, Pisha e Egër në Oazin e Karavastasë (the old pine) – Godulla e Pishës lagoon 5.1 miles, Divjaka-Karavasta National Park – Mouth of Shkumbini River (northern border of the park) 16.18 miles, Divjaka park center – Godulla e Pishës lagoon – Spiaxho lagoon – Park center 2.38 miles.

Local Traditional Seafood Restaurants: Don’t miss a traditional meal with mixed seafood appetizers, fresh salads from local farmers and grilled fresh fish from the lagoon. There are many choices of seafood restaurants inside the forest (year-round) and on the beach during the summer season.

Meeting/pick-up point: City center or Hotel in Tirana or Durres.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start/opening time: 09;00 AM.
End/closing time: 5pm.
Languages: English/Italian.

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Included in price:

  • Private transfer round trip. 
  • Driver and guide
  • Boat Ride in Karavasta lagoon. 
  • Entry fees in 360-degree watch tower
  • All Taxes

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More information about Divjaka:

Flora and Fauna

The combination of diverse geology, hydrology and specific climatic conditions on the territory of the park, has determined the considerable diversity of species and habitats, many of which are with national conservation significance. This ecosystem represents a sparse cover with a little salt tolerant grass species to stabilize the dunes. Pine trees remain an increasingly dominant feature of the park represented by species such as Aleppo and stone pine. There are also different species of trees found in the park amongst them junipers, willows, oak, alder, elm and ash.

Endangered dalmatian pelicans are part of many species of birds found at the park. Fauna’s variety is epitomized by 228 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 29 species of reptiles and 29 species of amphibia.

The interface between meadow and forest is also favored by many animal species because of the proximity of open areas for hunting and cover for protection. The forests provide refuge to the rare golden jackal and the globally endangered red fox, The swamps and woodlands also contain a number of endangered species such as the nearly extinct roe deer and otter.


People’s comments:

A H Feels like the Amazon “The boat ride it's a spectacular experience. Get to see a lot of birds, curly pelicans, flamingos, and many more "long legged" birds that I can't remember their names. The scenery it's fantastic, full of pine trees and brush. Also, a visit at the 360° tower was very beautiful, the 360° view of the forest from above was amazing, especially close to sunset, makes a fantastic place for perfect photos.

Close to the beach there are a lot of sea food restaurants that cook fresh fish and traditional meals.

Overall, Karavasta lagoon makes for a good day outdoors, with many interesting things to see.”

L S Amazing vacation in Albania! “Very beautiful park, with a big pine forest and a beautiful sandy beach. A large lagoon, where you can have a nice boat trip, and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. You can enjoy traditional local cuisine with fresh bio products of local residents. It is really an experience not to be missed.”

A T Nice experience “The nature lovers will adore this place for sure. Also, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner at the restaurants nearby who offer a seafood cuisine, worth trying”


Transprot by private transfer, car, van, coach depending on group size